Sermon Illustrations

A woman looked out of her window and saw her German shepherd shaking the life out of her neighbor's rabbit. Her family did not get along well with these neighbors so this was going to be a disaster.

She grabbed a broom and pummeled the dog until he dropped the rabbit. Then she panicked. The rabbit was dead. She didn’t know what to do. So she grabbed the rabbit, took it inside and gave it a bath. Then she blow dried it back to its original fluffiness and combed it until that rabbit looked real good. Then she snuck into her neighbor's yard and propped the rabbit back up in its cage.

An hour later she heard screams coming from next door. She ran out and asked her neighbor, “What's going on?”

“Our rabbit! Our rabbit!” her neighbor cried. “He died two weeks ago and we buried him. But now he's back!”

Jesus is our hope of glory. He has returned from the dead. He will not disappoint. Our expectations will be exceeded.

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