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It is reported that Colonel Rahl, commander of the British troops in Trenton, New Jersey, was playing cards when a courier brought an urgent message stating that General George Washington was crossing the Delaware River. Rahl put the letter in his pocket and didn't bother to read it until his card game was finished. Then, realizing the seriousness of the situation, he hurriedly tried to rally his men to meet the coming attack, but it was too late. His procrastination caused many of his men to be killed, and the rest of the regimen to be captured. "Only a few minutes delay cost him his life, his honor, and the liberty of his soldiers. Earth's history is filled with the wrecks of half-finished plans and executed resolutions. ‘Tomorrow’ is the excuse of the lazy, and the refuge of the incompetent!"

Procrastination is my sin,

It brings me nothing but sorrow,

I know that I should stop it,

In fact, I will…..TOMORROW!

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