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They sing, Farther along we'll understand.

Oh, how I wish I'd been a holy man,

But I wandered so far astray

Now all I can see is Judgment Day.

I fell on my knees and begged for Your grace,

Then turned around and spat in Your face.

I walked along in my foolish will,

Now I fear that old Boot Hill.

There is a way that seems so right

Even though it leads to death's dark night.

How could I have been so wrong?

All I'm left is a mourning song.

I knew it all. I was so damn smart

When I should have been singing, "My God, How great Thou art!"

It's a long hard road to that field of stone.

Lord, you know I can't face that alone.

God knows I can't undo the things I've done.

I can only cling to the Cross of His Son.

God, please look down below

And save my sin weary soul.

To some here, I don't rate.

Some think I'm just great.

Jesus, you know I know

That my ratings don't count here below.

I'm in trouble, a major jam

If I'm not bought by the Blood of the Lamb.

Jesus, please don't let me go alone

To that dark night and that field of stone.

Aug 1, 1994 RES

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