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Voltaire, one of history’s best known atheists, often stated that “by the time I’m buried,

the Bible will be non--existent.”

His last words were: “I am abandoned by God and man;

I shall die and go to hell alone.”

His condition had become so terrible that his associates were afraid to approach his bedside, and as he passed away, his nurse said that for all of the wealth in Europe, she would never watch another infidel die.

A few years after he died the Geneva Bible Society purchased Voltaire’s home and turned it into a print shop to print Bibles.

In contrast, Dietrich Bonhoffer, German theologian, standing in front of a firing squad during World

War 2, for speaking out against Nazism, “This may seem to be the end for me, but it is just the beginning.”

The death of a child of God is much different than the death of one who is lost and does not know Christ as their Savior. There is no hope in this world without Him.

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