3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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(Note: I used this illustration as part of a funeral message in January 2017)

Back when I was 11 years of age, I really discovered pro baseball! We lived about four hours away from Cincinnati, Ohio, at the time—which was no problem for me!

Well, I must have really pestered Dad because he promised that if he reached a certain milestone, he would take me to a game. And later that summer, he did, and off we went on a long trip to see my favorite team play a game.

I was as excited as could be! I had my glove, just in case we were near a place where either Dad or I could grab a foul ball or maybe a home run. Even though that didn’t happen, it was a great game, especially since the Reds won that night!

After all the excitement, I think both Dad and I realized we had a long way to go to get back home. We got a bite to eat and then headed back, none too anxious, I think, about a 3 hour plus ride along mostly 2-lane curving and twisting roads. But we headed back.

Somewhere along the way, I dozed off and slept for most of the trip. I didn’t wake up until Dad stopped the car, but I didn’t know where! Startled, I asked Dad, “Where are we?”

Dad must have seen the scared look on my face. He smiled and said, “We’re almost home.” Indeed, a few minutes later, we were home, and the journey was complete.

Some day, I will take my final journey. Now, if I can trust my Dad to bring me home after a 3-hour ride from the ballpark, I know beyond any doubt I can trust my Heavenly Father to take me all the way to my eternal home in Heaven. Angels carried Lazarus to Abraham’s bosom (Luke 16:20-22) and may accompany other saints as well when their earthly journey is complete,

Do you have that assurance? It’s yours for the asking! Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved today.

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