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d. Anderson tells a story about D.L. Moody and how he learned to control his anger. It’s from his book Getting Anger Under Control

i. Evangelist D.L. Moody, the ‘Billy Graham’ of the nineteenth century, had a sharp temper that he learned to control-usually. One evening moody was conducting two- evangelistic services back-to-back. After the first service, as Mr. Moody was standing near the door welcoming the new crowd, a man approached him and delivered a highly offensive insult of some sort. Moody never told what the insult was, but it must have been contemplative, for in a sudden fit of anger, Moody shoved the man and sent him tumbling down a short flight of stairs. The man was not badly harmed, but Moody’s friends wondered how the evangelist could now possibly preach at the second service.” When I saw Moody give way to his temper,” said one observer, I said to myself, ‘The meeting is killed.’ The large number who have seen the whole thing will hardly be in condition to be influenced by anything more Mr. Moody can say tonight.” But Moody stood up, called the meeting to order, and with a trembling voice spoke these words: “Friends , before beginning tonight I want to confess that I yielded to my temper, out in the hall,...

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