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I am Zordak, Jesus’ guardian angel. I want to tell you the story of Jesus.

Jesus had died and laid in the grave. I was very sad.

There were one hundred Roman soldiers and whole army of evil angels guarding the grave.

But Sunday morning is coming…

It was still dark. The dew was still on the ground. It was now close to sunrise and everyone was waiting for something to happen. << Pause >>

Suddenly, there was a great flash of lightening straight from the throne of God. One of God’s mighty angels appeared. *** action **** The angel’s glory shown brighter than the sun. The Roman soldiers laid on the ground like dead men. Even the evil angels scattered.

The angel pointed his sword at the stone. With a flash of force the rock rolled away as though it was a small pebble. *** demonstrate ***

The mighty angel called out in a loud voice: “Son of God, Ruler of the Universe, Jesus of Nazareth, come out.”

We all held our breath. The universe held their breath. All of heaven was watching the mouth of the cave. The ground was shaking as a great energy and light emulated from the tomb. The light was so intense that even the mighty angel that stands at the throne of God himself had to step back. Jesus was reclaiming his power as the creator of this world.

Jesus walked out of the tomb. We lowered our swords, kneeled, and bow to our King. And all of heaven was worshipped Jesus for He had conquered death.

We all sang: “Praise God, the King of kings, the Lord of lords. The Creator of the universe. The Savior of the world. The Conqueror of death.”

Jesus has gone back to heaven. He is waiting for you. When the time comes, he will come back and take us all to heaven to live with him.

Jesus says: “I love you very much… I want you to be in heaven with me forever and ever.”

We have prepared a great party for you. God has even written a very special song just for you.

I’m going to be there, and I want everyone of you to be there too.

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