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Mercy and Judgement are two sides of the same coin – We often put different parts of God’s character (attributes) into conflict. If we declare God as merciful, can He still bring righteous judgement? Let me share an example to help you understand the connection between mercy and judgment. If you were on trial for murder and the jury came back with a verdict of NOT GUILTY, would you then “throw yourself on the mercy of the court”? Of course not – there is no need for mercy without a guilty verdict. There is no mercy without judgment (or the threat of judgement).

We will be judged. The question is this – is one single act of salvation enough to save you from all judgement? Look at scripture for your answer – the gospel of Matthew had two examples of judgement - Matthew 25:31-46 Sheep and goats and Matthew 7:13-14 Narrow gate (few) / Wide gate (many).

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