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I’m talking about love that is a real, tangible – like candy! Since you are watching on video (or reading this at home), you will have to imagine I have a big bag of Hershey Kisses right here. I have LOTS OF CANDY! So - I can claim to be full of candy. What if this candy is the love we have to give our enemies? I can have lots of candy – be full of candy and I can have lots of love – be full of love, yet I may not be loving. See, I can have all this sweet candy and never give any of it away. Love works the same way.

I can give you a little candy – one piece – if you are on my “naughty list” and I can still feel pretty good about myself. If you are my family or friend, I would probably give you more than one piece of candy. In fact, I want to give you enough to share (maybe even give some back to me😊). See how that works? Now if I gave someone a piece and they see me giving others many pieces - what will they be thinking? Love works the same way. An abundance of love needs to flow through us to others – even our enemies.

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