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It was very late Wed. Night of last week. I had only just finally gotten to relax after working on sermons all day and helping my friends a little with their move.

So my plan was, while I was working some more on my sermons, to listen to a documentary about John Foxe, the author of Foxes Book of Martyrs. So I turned on the TV, went to youtube and started one.

Not even 5 minutes into it, my tv malfunctioned in a wild way. It buzzed briefly, then the screen flashed white and then it began flashing one bright color after another.

As I looked at it in bewilderment I said. Lord, if you didn't want me to watch that You could have just said...lololol.

The sermon I was working on was love not the world. Lolololol I can’t make this stuff up, yall.

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