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Have you ever wondered why sin has such an appeal, stranglehold and blindness quality to it?

Trinity a character, heroine and Neo’s sidekick from the Matrix saga but in Matrix 4 she spends most of the movie stuck in the Matrix living as Tiffany, Neo is finally able to remind Trinity of who she really is just before the climax of the film. Tiffany remembering who she really is says, "My name Is Trinity and you better take your hands off of me."

She embraces her true identity and helps Neo take on the Analyst and his swarm of programs. This moment of revelation is a rousing scene in which the audience finally gets to see the Trinity that they know and love. The movie builds up her importance in the lore of The Matrix and the sequence that follows this line elevates her power to a new level, making this moment a turning point in her life, her community and perhaps for the entire movie franchise moving forward.

Like Tiffany we can be stuck in Satan’s Matrix of sinfulness that mars our identity in Christ. To know who we truly are we must both disconnect from this false world and connect to the real world thru the power of the Spirit.

Paul reminds us that the enemy of of our souls uses deceitfulness, distractions, distortions, and discouragement to destroy us. They come to us in subtle ways and then before we know it we hooked line and sinker. Once the powers and philosophies of this world have us trapped we often not aware of it. Freedom from this endless destructive loop can only achieved by the power of the Spirit of the Living God.

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