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A story is told about four preachers who were debating what the best Bible translation was.

The first argued that the KJV was best. It showed that God’s word would endure from generation to generation; the poetry and Old English was beautiful to read. The KJV teaches us to revere the scriptures and study them diligently.

The second minister argued that the NAS Bible was better because it provided us with the most accurate translation. The closest word for word translation from the original Hebrew and Greek is what we gained through the NAS Bible.

The third pastor argued that the NIV was the best translation. He said that it was much easier to read than the other translations and while it did not have the word for word meaning like the NAS the NIV captured the original meaning of the text and communicated it in modern language.

Each then looked to the fourth minister to see which version of the Bible he would support. After a few moments he said, “I guess I believe the living bible is the best translation.”

Each of the other ministers...

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