3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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In John Fletcher’s only pastorate (Madeley) there was a woman who became a Christian. Her husband was a butcher and an unbeliever. She attended church meetings whenever possible and this angered her husband. He threatened her but she remained firm. She must attend church as usual. Beginning to curse and swear he said that if she went he would cut her throat upon her return. She cried mightily to God although she felt no relief. After a severe struggle with satan she dressed for church and was informed by her husband as she went out that instead of cutting her throat when she returned he had something else in mind. He would have the oven very hot and would throw her into it. Trembling but determined to serve God she went to church.

It so happened that Rev. Fletcher could not remember a word of his sermon that day and he thought he would have to dismiss the service without a sermon. Suddenly he felt led to speak from Daniel and the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace. It was apparently God’s message for this woman. Every word of it applied to her heart and at the close she felt that if she had a thousand lives she would gladly lay them down for her faith in Jesus Christ..she was filled with divine love.

She hurried home expecting that she would be burned to death. But to her amazement she found her husband’s wrath gone and himself under deep conviction.

This incident became well known in the parish of Medelay as an illustartion of God’s providential care.

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