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I’m not a SCUBA diver, but SCUBA has always fascinated me. When you take up SCUBA, one of the things that they will teach you is that your bubbles are always right.

when you’re deep underwater, you’re surrounded by an aura of light and it is very difficult to tell which way is up. The water diffuses the light. And since you have a sense of weightlessness in the water it is easy to get disoriented and lose your sense of direction. You don’t know which is up. You may feel so strongly that your perception of up is correct that you will ignore your air bubbles and go the way that you think is up. And so, the SCUBA diver is taught to always trust and follow his bubbles. No matter what you think or feel, your bubbles are always correct. They always go up!

So always follow your bubbles.


If a diver takes it upon himself to ignore the bubbles...

because he KNOWS which way to go...

it can lead to his peril.

Many people in world today are disoriented

they have lost their way

because they have ignored the bubbles...

they have ignored the only thing in life that is trust-worthy and true...

God’s Word, the...

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