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[Embarrassed to Witness, Citation: Eastman Curtis, Raising Heaven-Bound Kids in a Hell-Bent World (Nelson, 2000); quoted in Men of Integrity (July/August 2001)]

As a youth pastor, I’d just entered a convenience store with "Jeff" to pay for the gas I’d put in the church van. It was apparent that the woman behind the counter had been crying. I looked at her and said, "Has anybody let you know today that Jesus really loves you?" Well, Jeff freaked out, took off running, and dived into the van.

As nobody else was in the store, I witnessed for the next few minutes to that woman, who was going through a very difficult time in her life. After she asked Christ to come into her heart, her whole countenance changed.

When I got into the van, Jeff said, "Don’t ever do that again!"

"Don’t do what again?" I asked.

"Witness to people like that," he replied. "Did you see how embarrassed that lady got?"

I responded, "Jeff, you got more embarrassed than she did. In fact, I prayed with her, and she received Christ."

I took Jeff back into the store to meet the woman, now radiant with the love of God—a complete contradiction of what she had been just a few minutes before.

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