Sermon Illustrations

Boudreaux and Dufrene were drinking a few beers while driving around, when Boudreaux saw a roadblock ahead. He couldn’t turn around, so he told Dufrene, "peel the label off your bottle and put in on your forehead."

"Are you crazy," Dufrene responded?

"No! Just do it and let me do the talking," said Boudreaux.

The officer looked at Dufrene and Boudreaux and asked, "Have you two been drinking and driving"?

"No," replied Boudreaux.

The officer looked at the labels on Boudreaux’s and Dufrene’s forehead and said, "Then what’s with the labels on your forehead"?

Boudreaux drew himself up tall in the seat and explained, "Well, officer, we’re recovering alocoholics and our doctor put us on the patch."

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