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I had the occasion to travel to India in 1996. During that trip several of us visited a village near Madras. We wanted to learn about a people group called the “- a tribe of low-caste Indians that lived at the bottom of the social strata.

Eric Derry (our missions minister), Toni Wright (a prayer warrior on the trip with us), and I sat on a low cot in the middle of the village. It had been drug from a near by hut and placed under a tree in the center of what might be called main street. Around us, about 15-20 feet away, stood a small group of villagers. We talked to some of them for a while about their village and their way of life.

After a time their curiosity about us waned a bit and we had a moment to talk together. We decided to pray for the people of this village and for the gospel to have an opportunity to take root here.

As we prayed a dog which was standing next to Toni and which had been restlessly silent up till then began to bark and yap its head off. I was a bit irritated but didn’t think too much of the situation until Toni,...

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