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Seventy-five years ago the Titanic set sail from England to America. They said the Titanic was an unsinkable ship, and really, that was the only thing it ever did. It made its way into treacherous waters. Its captain was told there were dangerous icebergs along the way and that he should be careful. He read the note, folded it, put it away, and said: “Sail on.” They sailed on and you know the story. They hit an iceberg and over 1,500 people died that night as a result.

There were people in the first, second and third class sections of that ship. Some were up and outers while others were down and outers. Some were very poor while others were very rich. There were people on board from all facets of society and many countries of the world. But, when the news arrived in New York that the Titanic had sunk, there were not longer many classes of people listed, only the saved and the lost.

Today, there are still only two classes of two people in...

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