6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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In the movie “The Color Purple” there is a character named “Sug Avery.” She grew up in preacher’s home; but fell into deep sin. She was the same kind of sinner as the woman in our text. Early in the movie we see her father rejecting her because that sin. He won’t even speak to her. Sug longs for his approval but she can’t pull herself out of the bondage. Her poor dad does not really know how to reach her. His legalistic approach has not worked. We see a lot of pain in Sug Avery and in her dad.

I’m going to close with a six-minute clip from that movie.[1]

The scene opens in a field of purple lilacs. Sug is telling Celie (played by Woppie Goldberg) what motivates people to do the things they do. Pay close attention to what Sug is saying at the beginning of the clip.

The scene changes to a bar where Sug is the entertainer. Its Sunday morning, the bar is only a couple hundred feet from church where Sug grew up. You will see her dad, the preacher, conclude his sermon.

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