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Josh McDowell, a dedicated Christian intellectual, wrote, "I was invited to speak in a university in South America. Because of the university’s Marxist leanings, I was the first American to speak there in four years, & it was a tense situation.

"Big photographs of me had been posted all over campus, & the Communist students, trying to influence the other students to stay away from the meeting, had painted `CIA Agent’ in red letters across the posters. But it backfired on them. Most of the students had never seen a CIA agent, so they came to the meeting to see what one looked like, & the room was packed.

"However, as is often the case when someone speaks in that part of the world, professional Marxist agitators had also come, & their intent was to disrupt the meeting. And what happened next was horrible.

"One after another, these agitators would jump up & throw accusations at me, call me `a filthy pig,’ & hurl words at me in their own language that I didn’t know. Right in front of the audience they twisted me around their little fingers. I couldn’t answer them; I didn’t even know what they were saying.

"I felt so sorry for the Christians who were there because they had looked forward so eagerly to my coming to the campus & to seeing people come to Christ.

"After 45 minutes of this heckling, I was ready to give up. Every time I even mentioned the name of Jesus they laughed. And I thought, `God, why aren’t you doing something? Why are you letting Satan win?’ Well, evidently, I wasn’t walking by faith. You see, God works when it brings the greatest honor & glory to His name, not to ours.

"Finally, God started to work. The secretary of the Revolutionary Student Movement stood up, & everyone else became silent. I figured she must be someone important. She was quite an outspoken woman, & I didn’t know what to expect. But this is what she said, `Mr. McDowell, if I become a Christian tonight, will God give me the love for people that you have shown for us?’"

Dr. McDowell ends by saying, "Well, I don’t have to tell you what happened. It broke just about everyone’s heart who was there, & we had 58 decisions for Christ."

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