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David Wilkerson's founder of Teen Challenge states from his book Sipping Saints:

1. Drinking is the world's most staggering problem. We face the horrible statistics of more than a million young Americans becoming alcoholics. Six million of their parents are already there. We have become a sodden society, unable to cope with life without another drink or two. Drunkenness is spreading in our schools like a wildfire out of control. Kids tell me as 80 percent of their classmates drink; many of them get stone drunk. I've been helping drug addicts and alcoholics for many years, but this drinking rage sweeping our nation frightens me. Young people drink because they think alcohol won't waste them as drugs do! Booze is now preferred "Liquid pot." Everywhere teenagers are getting stoned. They say, "No cops, no parents, no politicians can hassle us now because they are all doing it, too. We finally found a kick that won't put us behind bars!" (page 13).

2. The common theme here in Titus is making sure that the older teach the younger how to live in accordance with sound doctrine- Healthy teachings.

a. Wilkerson notes, "Why do kids drink? Recently one of my students, a converted alcoholic, told me how she became a drunkard. Her Christian parents taught her how to drink moderately. At parties, birthdays, and when company came, everybody took a social drink. It was served at meals. She admired and loved her parents whcih led to drinking in clubs. Finally, when problems began to pile up, she began to lean heavily on alcohol. She ended up in a mental institution-a-hard-core alcoholic¡¨ (15)

b. And it all started with that first drink in her parents home. Truth is no one sets out to be an alcoholic but it starts with the first drink.

3. Historical background on wine in the Bible days:

a. It was used as the common drink because the water supply was no the best. Fermented drink was considered safer to drink.

b. But the natural fermentation process was 14%

i. Kinney notes, "Nature alone cannot produce stronger stuff than 14% alcohol. Fermentation is a combustive action of yeasts on plants: potatoes, fruit, grain, etc. The sugar is exposed to wild yeasts in the air or commercial yeasts, which produce an enzyme, which in turn converts sugar to alcohol. Fermentative yeast cannot survive in solutions stronger than 14% alcohol. When that level is reached, the yeast, which is a living thing , ceases to produce and dies." (4).

ii. In the tenth century Arabian physician, Phazes discovered distilled spirits. He was looking for "The Spirit of the wine¡" so as to release it's power into those who drank it. When his process worked it was called "The True Water of Life," The name alcohol is derived from alghul which means "The Evil Spirit- Ghost."

iii. The distilling process has continued since this time to were today alcohol content in some drinks is at 93%.

iv. Health note on alcohol: It is a liquid drug which causes side affects some have called it "delightful poison," which is accurate it is a poison.

1. Alcohol:

a. Is a stomach irritant that can impede or stop digestion.

b. It over time affects the Kidneys to where it can shut down the pituitary gland below the neck which regulates your urine. Alcohol can cause this to misfire and it can...

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