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ILL. Henry Lauder was a comedian, & during World War II his 2 sons were drafted into the army. Both of them died in combat.

After the war was over Henry Lauder was near a nervous breakdown. He went to his doctor, who recommended complete rest & relaxation. So he went to the seashore & walked along the beach. He spent his time reading & meditating & relaxing.

He made a few new friends, & one of them was a small boy. One night Henry Lauder & this small boy were walking along the beach as the sun was going down. They listened to the waves, & looked at the scenery around them.

The boy noticed that there were little flags with stars on them hanging in the windows of some of the houses along the beach. He asked Mr. Lauder what that meant. Henry Lauder said, "It means that in every home where there is a flag that that family sent a son to war." "But," said the boy, "some of the stars are silver & some are gold. What does that mean?"

Lauder said, "Where there is a silver star it means that the boy came home safely. Where there is a gold star it means that the boy died in combat."

They walked a little further & night came upon...

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