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I heard this story told Wednesday night at the Men’s Bible Study and I received permission to tell it here. It involves a TX Dot employee, who I said would remain nameless, but I was told that in TX Dot fashion I was permitted to use his initials "Randy".

Randy was apparently asked to change his password on the computer, and the computer even promoted him to do so three times. On the third time he entered the new password, then the computer prompted him to re-enter the password, which he did. He then received the message "You are about to change your password, is this what you want to do?" Randy was confronted with the choice. He chose "No", because he didn’t want to change his password, this then locked up the computer, because he was suppossed to be changing his password, and when given a choice, he chose "no". It is said that the other employees have learned from his mistake.

I asked Randy if I could share his story, because it was right along the lines of what I wanted to...

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