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There is the story of a young man who applied at a logging company and asked for a job. The foreman asked him if he could fell a tree with an ax. The young man walked over to a tree and felled it like an old pro. The foreman hired him.

On Monday, the young man outdid everyone else on the crew. But, each day after that, he got slower and slower until Friday, he could barely cut one tree down. He went through all the motions; swinging his ax, hitting the tree and repeating it, but it just didn’t work very well.

Finally, the young man laid down his ax, sat on the ground in exhaustion and wondered what was causing this. The foreman came over and told the young man he knew what caused it. He said he had been so busy all week doing the things that a logger does, that he had forgotten to get back to basics and sharpen his ax. It has become dull and is all but worthless today because it had not been kept in good condition.

Have we been so busy in...

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