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Bill Hybels writes the following in his book, ‘Courageous Leadership,’

Ten years ago I sat in a little restaurant during my summer study break and wrote these words; The local church is the hope of the world and it’s future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders.

For the first time, I realized that from a human perspective the outcome of the redemptive drama being played out on planet earth will be determined by how well church leaders lead. Many churches are filled with sincere, talented, godly people who would love to leverage their spiritual gifts in order to impact the world for Christ. The question is this: Will the men & women who have been entrusted with leadership gifts take their gifts seriously, develop them fully, and deploy them courageously, so that the willing and gifted believers in their churches can work together to make difference in the world?

Romans 12:8 tells those of us who have the gift of leadership that we better sit up and take notice, we better lead with diligence. Why? Because the church, the bride of Christ, upon which the eternal destiny of the world depends, will flourish or falter largely on the basis of how we lead…. He goes on to say that leaders must;

Yield themselves fully to God. they must cast powerful, biblical, God honoring visions. They must build effective, loving, clearly focused teams. They must fire up Christ followers to give their absolute best for God. And they must insist with pit bull determination,...

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