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Suppose that one of the local businessmen had purchased a new building and was planning to move all of his stock into the new store.

He placed an ad in the paper offering $100.00 per day to anyone who would come to help him make the move. The first workers were there early on the day, around 6 AM, and went quickly to work moving heavy boxes, filling the 18 wheeler truck with furniture, 55 gallon drums of cleaners, and heavy wooden crates. They delivered this first load, unloading it and setting up the new displays as the merchant directed them to do.

Then they return for the second load to find that there were several new people hired to make the move. As soon as the truck was docked, it was now about 11:00 AM, and all of the workers joined together to begin filling it again with the lighter stock of smaller boxes and small items, then drove off once more to unload and restock at the new store.

The day was getting nearly over now, and the move was nearly done, but to the worker’s surprise, when they returned with the truck there were 3 more new workers waiting for them to arrive. It was now almost dark and all that was left was a small load of odds and ends and so it only took 15 minutes of easy work and they were off again to complete the job of unloading and setting up the new store.

The day was done now. It was time for the merchant to pay the workers who had worked so hard...

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