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“Knowledge in Ignorance!” Luke 2: 1-5 Key verse(s): 2: “Some of the Pharisees asked, ‘Why are you doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?’”

The story is told of a preacher who lived along a river in a northern clime. Sunday after Sunday throughout the year he would climb into his old Tin Lizzy and slowly drive down the stony road that led to the church about a mile away. His timing was impeccable; always leaving home at the appropriate time just after finishing his toast and coffee and arriving at the little clapboard church in time to unlock the doors, practice his sermon and greet the parishioners as they filed into the narthex.

One wintry Saturday night, however, a fierce storm unlike any seen in years struck the coastline. The wind blew and the snow drifted. By morning the little dirt road was impassable and the preacher knew that getting to church by the old Model T would prove impossible. Shrugging his shoulders he thought to go back into the parsonage and call the elders. Perhaps there just wouldn’t be a service that morning. He could try snow-shoeing it but that would take hours. Looking around at the wind-swept scene the preacher suddenly saw something that attracted his eye. The wind, howling through the night, had swept the snow clean from the frozen river. Although the dirt road was impassable, this highway was not. Suddenly the preacher had a brilliant idea. Picking up his Bible, he put it into a sack which he hung securely over his back. Then, donning a pair of skates, he proceeding to glide his way in the direction of the church. Although his timing was somewhat affected since he was not able to skate as fast as his car could go, he did arrive at church in time to see two of the...

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