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Becky and I bought a house in 2000. We got it for a really good price – because it was in need of a lot of work! We put a lot of time and energy into that house. We remodeled the kitchen, the baby’s room, the dining room, the bathroom, we put in a furnace, we tore out two old chimneys, we put on a new roof… holy cow, did we do a lot to that house. And we only lived there for 2 years! When we sold that house, we sold it for about $15,000 MORE than what we paid for it. It went UP in value, because we INVESTED in it. We put our time and energy and effort into that house and it went up in value as a result. In the same way, when you invest in other people, they grow in value. They feel better about themselves, better about your relationship and are more motivated to continue to excel in the areas where you encourage them. Appreciating others helps them grow!

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