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Most of you probably already have your Christmas tree. If you don’t have a "fake" tree than you probably went to a lot, or got a permit to cut one down. You looked at various trees, you selected one, put it in a tree stand, watered it & decorated it. It will be the center of attention in your home for days. But all Christmas trees have one thing in common: They are all dead! They have all been cut off from their source of life. Oh, you delay it some by watering and you make them more attractive by decorating, but they’re dead, and it won’t be too long until you say, "Time to take the tree down." So you take off the decorations and you throw that tree out or put it in the trash. See the parallel? We’re like that. We come in various sizes & abilities and we try to delay the inevitable. We adorn ourselves trying to make ourselves more attractive and influential but we all have one thing in common physically.. we are all dead. We started decaying the day we are born, & the aging process doesn’t stop no matter how good you look or how influential you are right now. It’s only a matter of years or maybe days until we strip ourselves of our adornments & accomplishments, and we will be discarded in a cemetery.

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