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"What did he see that night in the mirror of the Washington Hilton Hotel holding room, just before he turned to face his family and clicked his newly elected presidential heels? More to the point, what did the mirror see?"

"A man just about to turn seventy, one inch taller than six feet, weighing about one hundred and eighty-five pounds, broad as a surfboard and almost as hard, superbly balanced, glowing with health and handsome enough for a second career in the movies. Hair so dense and fine enough to grace any magazine cover. No hint of gray. Teeth white, gums like a boy's, fingernails shiny, radiant as seashells. No fidgety mannerisms; an air of confidence." There stood Ronald Reagan, in a place that life had finally prepared him for. The state senate battles of California long behind him. The preparatory days of the governor¡¦s mansion had been well spent and now this was his moment. Life had prepared him well. (Dutch -- Biography of Ronald Reagan)

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