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So, what is a disciple? Is a disciple a pupil? Is a disciple a student? Is he or she someone who learns all about the Bible so they will know a lot? So they can rattle off the five points of Calvinism or give a deep discussion on the differences between premillennialism, post millennialism and Amillennialism? But despite their deep theological knowledge, they do not live a life pleasing to God? Now of course theology is important, but not for its own sake. Theology is important, and knowledge of the Bible is important, so that we know how to follow Christ. It is important so we can know how to live in a way that pleases Him. Some years ago I used to work as a flight instructor. Now, can you imagine what we might do with someone who wants to learn to fly aeroplanes. We take him, and give him six months of full time theoretical training. We teach him everything there is to know about flying. We teach him the lift equation. We teach him what happens when one does certain things with the controls. We teach him all about flight planning. Then we give him a written test and he gets 100%. He has passed, so we give the keys to a plane and...

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