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A teenager noticed this in his own life and sought out his pastor.

A teenager was sitting in the pastor’s office saying,"Sometimes I don’t think I am a Christian. I don’t seem to have the same interest and excitement, or enthusiasm I once did. It isn’t easy for me to remember God, to come to church, and to pray. It is too easy to find excuses to stay away from church and then to make those excuses into reasons why I should stay away. Pastor, I know God hasn’t left me, but boy I sure feel as if I have left Him."

The pastor said, "Remember the time your father was away from home on those long business trips? Was it difficult for you to remember him?"

"Not a bit," the boy said, "I had letter from him and I kept thinking about him, and he sent me gifts in the mail so I would remember him

"Suppose," said the pastor, "there was no letters, no gifts and you never mentioned his name in conversation around the house. What then???"

"Then, maybe, I would have forgotten about him. that would have made a difference.

"Well,"said the pastor, "that is the way it is with God. Sure it is tough to remember God, it is tough to stay a Christian in this world. But God has given us His word, like your father’s letters, to remember him. God has given us His gifts of Holy communion and Baptism as a physical reminder of His love for us, like the gifts your father sent you. God also wants...

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