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Are you a Risk-taker or a safety-seeker?

Responding to the increasing destructiveness of high winds in the Midwest, one developer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offered an optional tornado-safe room in the new homes he was selling. It cost an additional $2,500 for the room—which can also be used as a closet, bathroom, or vault when not needed for safety.

What would you do if you were building your home there? If you opted for the room, you were like Nine of the first ten buyers.

The tenth couple didn’t get the room. They chose to have a hot tub installed instead. Why do you think they did that? Were they foolish young folks?

Actually, they were 75 years old. I suppose they figured if the Good Lord had gotten them through 75 years without being killed by a tornado, he could get them through as many more as He chose and they’d rather enjoy the Jacuzzi than worry about tornadoes.

[from: Americans Are Facing More Disasters, USA Today (5-23-00)]

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