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(Video Clip montage from Titanic - mpeg 2:58)

It was that tragic, true story that served as the backdrop for the blockbuster film Titanic, which steamed past all other movies to become the top grossing movie of all time. It earned $601 million. It was the #1 movie in America for 13 weeks in a row. Thousands of people returned to see Titanic two, four, ten times, and they didn’t return to see a big ocean liner sink in icy waters. (Oops, sorry if I ruined the end of the movie for you.) No, they returned because of the romance. They returned because there was something about being embraced; to have someone’s arms around you as you stood on the bow of the ship of life, to know that you are loved beyond reason, as in the case of Jack and Rose.

As tragic as the sinking of the Titanic was, over 1,500 lives lost, you can multiply that number a million times over and record the death toll of marriages.

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