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Scotty Jordan and I were talking yesterday about the little chicks that Mrs. Patricia brought to the Easter egg hunt. They were so cute and cuddly, not a child could resist holding one. I made the comment to Scotty that those baby rabbits need their mother for nourishment and I wondered why the baby chicks needed their mother since all they ate was chicken food from the day they were hatched from the egg.

Scotty told me a story that really opened my eyes as to why those little chicks needed their momma. One day Scotty and his family were burning off a field so that it could be cleared. Somehow a momma hen and her baby chicks got caught in the middle of that field with no way out. The next day as they were walking the field, they noticed what was left of the momma hen. When they moved her burnt body what they saw was a surprise. All her baby chicks were alive and well because she sacrificed her life for her little babies.

Jesus sacrificed His life for you and I. He died a...

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