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In China police and Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers raided the home of a Christian we’ll call “Ling.” “When the officers entered, they found ample amounts of contraband: Bibles, Christian literature, … and other Christian materials. But what was more troubling in their eyes than the large stash of Chris-tian materials was the evidence it provided: The materials were being produced inside China, not brought in from the outside.

“The interrogation began instantly, right at the house: ‘Where did these things come from? Who are you working with? Who provides financial help?’

“Ling was surrounded, but he was not afraid. The ques-tions kept coming, the voices growing louder and more strin-gent; and he sat silently, refusing to provide any information that would lead the officers to his Christian co-workers.

“His silence did not satisfy them; they demanded an-swers. He continued to refuse. They placed his hand on a table and held it down. One by one his fingernails were pulled out—all 10 of them.

“Even in the agony of his physical pain, this brave brother would...

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