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Peter McMartin, Van. Sun columnist, writing in yesterday’s paper said: Where is our sun? Where is the true warmth of our existence? Here he is asking essentially where can joy be found. His answer is family: “I will eat Christmas dinner with my wife and children – who are the suns of my existence – and I will dance with my wife and friends at a party on New year’s eve. We will drink too much, and have too much fun, and that is rare enough.” Look at what MacMartin is saying here. Joy is rather elusive, it is rare. The he continues: “ I will orbit around all of them, and they, hopefully, around me. And then the new year will come, and with it, all the old habits and weaknesses. But that is then, and this is now, and Christmas … offers the hope of redemption, however temporary, and rebirth. Galileo was wrong. We are the centre of the universe. Forget the heavens: Our suns are here.” In what he says, you will note there is despair. There is little hope for permanent joy. For him redemption is Temporary, forget the heavens, our suns are here. There is really no hope in this world, relish what u find joyful now for it will be gone. There is no God, we are it all alone in the universe. If friends and family don’t orbit around us, there is really no joy.

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