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One of the greatest marathoners in the world is a Kenyan woman named Tegla Loroupe. She is also one of the smallest. Tegla Loroupe is just under 5 feet tall and weighs a mere 88 pounds. For more than five years she’s been among the top marathoners in the world.

Tegla said in an interview that when she compares her body to others, she feels “I’m so tiny. [But] I believe that God is always with me. He’s giving me a lot of strength. The other people also train like I do. They have two legs like me, but somebody’s already uplifting me." [from CBN 700 Club interview, autumn 2000, by Brian Connor]

Tegla said that what matters most to her is her relationship with God and with His Son Jesus Christ strengthening both her body and spirit. In the interview she spoke of the importance of Scripture. "[In] Joshua Chapter 1:1-9, … God was talking to the people of Israel, when He told Joshua that you have to be strong and courageous for I am with you wherever you go, it applies to me, too,"...

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