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There is almost nothing like it in the world. To see the eyes and expression on a little boy’s face the very first time he experiences it. Little boys dream about it. Old men still tell about it with great excitement and enthusiasm. Nothing else compares to the thrill of fighting to bring in your very first giant, rainbow trout. The experienced and wise fisherman knows that to catch the really big ones, it takes more than a worm and a hook. It takes cunning, forethought and imagination. The great anglers know that "temptation" is the name of the game.

The process begins by a serious study of their prey. What does he (the fish) like, his habits and his environment? The angler then tries to fabricate a bait that will grab attention, arouse desire and lure the fish into biting the illusion. The bait is made of hair or feathers. It is constructed in such a way that when the fish sees it, he will think, "That’s the most unusual fly I’ve ever seen. It looks big and fat...

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