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As she awoke this day, thoughts of Sunday danced through her mind, Nancy was looking forward to Easter, the whole family would be coming over to visit this year because they were all close to home. Now that the grandchildren were getting older, the Easter egg hunts became more lively with all the children searching and rushing to be the one to find the most eggs.

She was also looking forward to the birth of another grandchild, in fact, just last night she had spoken on the phone to her daughter who was pregnant and was planning a shopping trip for baby clothes. It would be easier to shop for this grandchild, because the ultrasound revealed the baby is a girl.

She put the finishing touches on her makeup, kissed her man, and headed off to work, looking forward to the day set before her. Completely unaware that in just a few hours, the bulge on her aorta would rupture causing her life to drain away in minutes.

Nancy never saw it coming.

We don’t realize how fragile our lives are until it is too late. No one wakes up in the morning expecting to take their last breath, yet that is exactly what happens to people each and every day. People have tragic things happen to them every day. People who have no reason to expect it, die every day.

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