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I once heard a humorous story about the Pope who was on a visit to America for a period of time. On his last day of the visit, he was delayed due to meetings and was unable to break away to catch a flight.

Since he couldn’t depend on his Pope Mobile, he phoned for a limousine. When the limousine arrived, the driver was joyfully surprised that it was the Pope who called for him. The driver became nervous and was beside himself. He proceeded to drive very slowly. The Pope became nervous and told him to hurry up. It did not make a bit of difference. The driver went slower; he wanted to keep the Pope in his limousine as long as he could. The Pope could not be delayed any longer so he asked to drive the limo himself. The Pope sped off and reached the speed of 85 miles an hour. The policeman who stopped him was shocked when he discovered the famous personality behind the wheel. He frantically phoned his police chief and said, “Chief, I have stopped a very important figure for speeding. I don’t know what to do?”

--“What do you mean? Give him a speeding ticket!”

--“Sir, in all honesty, I can’t.”

--“Why can’t you? The law is the law. Who is it anyway that you stopped? Is it the mayor?”

--“No, sir.”

--“Is it the governor?”

--“No, sir.”

--“Is it a congressman?”

--“Is it the president?”

--“No, sir.”

--“Well, then, who is it?!”

--“I don’t know sir! All I know is that the Pope is driving him to the airport.”

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