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John Kass, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, recently wrote

about a waiter named Bouch who works at a tavern in Chicago.

Bouch decided to write to the King of his homeland, Morocco.

The King, Mohammed VI, is immensely popular because he often

interacts with his subjects in public. He has freed political

prisoners, and he helps the poor and disabled. When Bouch

wrote to him from Chicago, King Mohammed VI, true to nature,

wrote back.

"Look at the letters," said Bouch. "These are letters from the

King. If I meet him, I’ll be so happy."

John Kass, the columnist, muses, "How many guys hauling beer

and burgers in a Chicago tavern have a correspondence going

with a royal monarch?" The columnist talked to Morocco’s

deputy counsel general in Chicago and was told that it isn’t

unusual for the King to write personal letters to his subjects

abroad. "It happens a lot," the official said. "He loves his


You think King Mohammed VI loves his subjects? You ought to

meet Jesus, the King of Kings, and read his precious letters

to you.


Lee Eclov, Lake Forest, Illinois; source: John Kass, "Waiter’s

Pen Pal Just a Cool Guy Who Runs a Country," Chicago Tribune


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