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Here’s an illustration of delighting in a weakness:

Charlie Boswell was blinded during World War 2. But he didn’t allow his blindness to stop him from playing sports. In fact he went on to become the 13 time USA Blind Golf Champion In 1958 Charlie was presented with the Ben Hogan award. Hogan, of course, was one of the greatest golfers of all time – the Tiger Woods of his day. When the two men met Charlie said how he would dearly love to play a round of golf with Mr Hogan.

Ben Hogan said he would be honoured to play with Charlie. Charlie saw his opportunity. "Would you like to play for money, Mr. Hogan?"

"I can’t play you for money, it wouldn’t be fair" said Mr. Hogan. "Aw, come on, Mr. Hogan...$1,000 per hole"

"I can’t, what would people think of me, taking advantage of you and your circumstance," Hogan replied.

"Chicken, Mr. Hogan?" "Okay," blurted a frustrated Hogan, "but I am going to play my best" "I wouldn’t expect anything else," said the confident Boswell.

"You’re on Mr. Boswell, you name the time and the place" A very self-assured Boswell responded "10 o’clock . . . tonight"

The blind golfer’s weakness was a strength, but only in the dark. Our weakness is strength, but only in Christ.

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