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I heard a story about Christian junior high camp. One of the campers, a boy with spastic paralysis, was the object of heartless ridicule. When he would ask a question, the boys would deliberately answer in a halting, mimicking way. One night his cabin group chose him to lead the devotions before the entire camp. It was one more effort to have some "fun" at his expense. Unashamedly the spastic boy stood up, and in his strained, slurred manner -- each word coming with enormous effort -- he said simple, "Jesus loves me -- and I love Jesus" That was all. Conviction fell upon those junior-highers. Many began to cry. Revival gripped the camp.

It blows my mind that people can persist in sin without ever changing. It blows my mind that some people can sit and listen to sermons week after week, meanwhile living a hypocritical life. It blows my mind that a person can know in their head that a certain action they do is wrong and it is sin, and yet not ever show repentance for their actions

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