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In his autobiography in 2004, Pete Rose finally admitted that he bet on baseball games while employed as manager of the Cincinnati Reds — an infraction that produced a lifetime ban from the sport in 1989. Rose’s admission of guilt came after denying any wrongdoing for almost 15 years.

And he has not stopped confessing, either. In September of 2006, he began using his website to personally apologize to each of the fans he had failed or offended. In fact, for only $350 (plus $4.99 shipping handling), Pete Rose will send you a personalized autographed baseball that reads, "I’m sorry I bet on baseball."

The marketing copy on the website says: "Now you can get the baseball collectible everyone’s talking about — Pete Rose’s personal apology for betting on baseball, newly inscribed on an actual baseball — at a fantastic price."

Associated Press, "Rose Says ’Sorry,’ but It’ll Cost You,"

Houston Chronicle (9-20-06) [price update from 10 Mar 07

Pete Rose has shown over and over again that he does not get it.

He does not get confession.

He does not get humility.

And as a result, he is frustrated, for all of his successes, probably the best hitter ever in baseball, he is still a failure.

For even though he is known for his superior play and tremendous statistics, he is banned from the Hall of Fame for injuring the integrity of the game.

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