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If you ever get a chance to visit Monticello, the home of Jefferson, your time will be enjoyable spent.

He built it and lived there 56 years. It is a testimony to his creative energy. You can see his many inventions and conveniences. You can see the huge stone room he designed to store ice, taken in the winter, that would last most of the summer.

In his bedroom you can see his desk that could be used either sitting or standing. There is a secret passage that goes to a belowground tunnel. All in all, the tour leaves one with a sense of sadness that such a genius has gone.

The guides will show you a glass case in which are various letters and personal items--tooth brush, silver brush and comb set, etc. There in one corner is his, so-called, Jefferson’s Bible.

Jefferson had spent many hours "cutting and pasting" the Gospel passages. He selected and arranged all the moral and spiritual teachings of Jesus. He eliminated any reference to the miraculous or supernatural.

The Jefferson Bible ends with: "There they laid Jesus and rolled a great stone at the mouth of the sepulcher and departed." He discounted the supernatural. He was a Deist, believing in God, but not the God revealed through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Thank God our Bible ends with the good news that HE IS RISEN

There is a real tendency among professing Christians to follow Jefferson by picking and choosing. Things that are uncomfortable are explained away by saying, "Well, that doesn’t apply to today." (Tear page out of paper NT and throw away.)

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