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Missionary/evangelist Stanley Jones wrote: "Swami Shivananda, a famous swami in India, used to tell his disciples: ’Kill the mind and then, and then only, can you meditate.’ The Christian position is, ’You shall love the Lord thy God with all your mind’--the intellectual nature; ’with all your heart’—the physical nature.

"The total person is to love him—mind (thoughts), emotion (feelings), will (actions), strength. But the ’strength’ might mean the strength of all three.

Some love him with the strength of the mind and the weakness of

the emotion--the intellectualist in religion.

"Some love him with the strength of emotion and the

weakness of the mind--the sentimentalist in religion.

Some love him with the strength of the will and the

weakness of emotion—the man of iron who is not very


"But loving God with the strength of the mind, the strength of the emotion, and the strength of the will--that makes the truly Christian and the truly balanced and the truly strong character."

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