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I told you I was reading a new book by Max Lucado called, “Come to the Sweet Spot.” This illustration was in this book.

He had a daughter in college. He had set up a checking account for her so that she would have some money at school and could be responsible to pay her bills through this account. He was trying to help her learn how to manage a budget. He gave her some money to start the account and she put money into her account through an on campus job she had. He was also on the account as a guarantor to the bank since his daughter was still a miner. One day the bank sent him an overdraft notice on his daughters account. The amount of the overdraft was $25.37. What should he do? Let the bank absorb it? They won’t. Send her an angry letter? Admonition might help her later, but it won’t satisfy the bank. Phone and tell her to make a deposit? Might as well tell a fish to fly? He knew her liquidity. Zero. He knew he could transfer the money from his account to hers. That seemed like the best option. So he did. He replenished her account and paid the overdraft fee as well.

He then called her. He told her about the overdraft. She said she was sorry. But she told him she had no money to repay him at that moment. She was broke.

After a pause she began, “Dad, could you…..” But before she could continue the sentence Dad said, “Honey, I already have.” Isn’t that amazing. Dad had met her need before she knew she had one.

That is what Jesus has done for us. Long before we even knew we needed forgiveness and grace and mercy God made the deposit – an ample deposit.

“Christ died for us while we were still sinners.” (Romans 5:8)

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