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Illustration- Abdul Rahman

Afghanistan’s Muslim religious and governmental leaders had demanded that 41-year-old Abdul Rahman be executed because of his conversion to Christianity more than 14 years ago.

Rahman converted to Christianity while working for a Christian aid group in Pakistan in the early 1990s. He was only recently jailed after court leaders learned of his faith in a child-custody battle with his ex-wife.

Rahman was freed and went into immediate hiding March 27. He is now in Italy, where officials offered him asylum. Afterwards, hundreds of Afghans protested the release, as did the nation’s parliament, believing that he should be put to death.

Question- Now let me ask you a question- who is the hero in this story?

Is it Abdul Rahman?

Is it the nations and groups worldwide who pressure put on Afghanistan to release Abdul?

Question- Or is it the Christian Aid Group who went on a mission trip to Afghanistan?

• surrounded by Muslims- the church is an underground church- found in the cities only

• surrounded by intense persecution- no one who isn’t Muslim survives in the rural countryside

• only approximately 3,000 total Christians- only in the cities and only in secret

Question- What did Abdul see in those Christian Aid workers that would make him renounce his upbringing, risk his life and convert to Christianity?

Was It...

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