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We live in an incredible world that has been wonderfully designed and marvelously created by God.

When the last tubes of the Lincoln Tunnel under the Hudson River for the Pennsylvania Railroad were about to be joined in 1927, a young civil engineer named Richardson was chosen for the task because of his remarkable ability to make an accurate survey that would bring the tube ends perfectly together. So accurate was his work that when the tubes were joined the two ends were less than one-eighth of an inch off-center

But with God the accuracy is so complete that planets, for example, can travel not the few thousand feet of the length of a tunnel, but through a universe so vast as to be almost beyond human comprehension and at such speed as virtually defies description. For example, consider the fact that the earth is 25,000 miles in circumference, weighs 6 septillion, 588 sextillion tons, and hangs unsupported in space. It spins at 1,000 miles per hour with absolute precision and flies through space around the sun at the speed of 1,000 miles per minute in an exact orbit 580 million miles long

Now, except to a mind willfully closed to the obvious, it is inconceivable that such accuracy, intricacy and harmony could have developed by any means but by that of a Master Designer who rules the universe. It would be far more reasonable to think that the separate pieces of a watch could be shaken in a bag and eventually become a dependable timepiece than to think that the world could have evolved into its present state by blind chance.

Henry Ward Beecher, the pre-Civil War Congregational minister, possessed a beautiful globe depicting the various constellations and stars of the heavens. Robert Ingersoll, the famous, controversial agnostic, visiting Beecher one day, admired the globe and asked who had made it.

“Who made it?” said Beecher, seizing the opportunity to challenge his guest’s well-known agnosticism. “Why, nobody made it; it just happened”

Beecher was implying that just as the globe was clearly designed and made by someone so also our world was designed and made by God.

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